April 30th, 2019

Why Quelle?

The story behind our name

This is a blog post about why we named our product Quelle, but also about our overall mission.

That mission is ensuring end users of healthcare data can quickly and reliably access the ever-growing pool of data which continues to get more dispersed and complex. Why do we want to democratize this data? Because it’s crucial to ensuring you can trust what’s fueling your clinical and financial models, analytic deliverables and strategic decisions.

So why Quelle? Quelle means source in German, as in aus zuverlässiger Quelle wissen (know from a reliable source). This team knows from years of, sometimes painful, experience that the magic “data pool” or “single fountain of knowledge” is something every organization has tried but very few have achieved: especially in healthcare.

There are many reasons for that, which we won’t go into here, but one of those is that there is no single source of truth in healthcare. Data is generated from many different origins, stored in different formats, created using inconsistent language and methodologies and there’s more players than the final battle scene of Endgame (for our non-nerds out there were a lot).

This causes two problems: one it creates a very high technical barrier to making healthcare usable and two it’s very hard to trust, or sometimes even have visibility into, the underlying data that is fueling your models and decisions. These problems can be solved with massive custom builds, and our team has been on many of those build teams; Quelle automates that solution.

When the team sat around talking about the vision for our product, we kept thinking about Blue Apron and WordPress, just like you can now cook fast quality meals without having previous cooking skills with Blue Apron and you can now build a website without being a software developer thanks to WordPress, Quelle eliminates the barriers to aggregating, accessing and utilizing healthcare data.

There is tremendous value in successfully tying together public, internal and vendor healthcare data, not only for healthcare organizations, but also for any organization trying to enter the market or assess populations and risk.  As tech companies and outside players continue to enter the market and more and more organizations have a stake in healthcare, organizations who are able to quickly deploy that data will have a distinct advantage. And not only deploy it in the technical sense of accessing it through complex queries or black-box models, but deploy it in a way that the end users can trust and trace “the source(s)” and answer that pesky question of “where did this come from?”.

About Quelle:

Quelle’s web-based solution is a data management tool optimized for tying together disparate sources. The platform comes pre-loaded with curated public data allowing you to understand the competitive landscape of healthcare and overall health trends while eliminating data conflict within your enterprise.